Strike Arena

Want to generate an additional revenue stream, and monetise a new or existing leisure space? Strike Arena is for you.

Say hello to Strike Arena – the highly profitable ‘pay to play’ attraction for children and adults alike.

Strike Arena’s frenetic, adrenalin-inducing course will guarantee satisfied customers AND highly profitable revenue to your premises, adding a fantastic additional revenue stream to your business and increasing customer value too.

Invest in Strike Arena and:

  • Choose from 18 fantastic challenges, from ball pools to rople climbs, designed to improve health and fitness, deliver huge amounts of fun and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Add a time-limited ‘pay to play’ offering and increase revenue
  • Increase dwell-time and spend-per-head, and boost profits as a result

What is Strike Arena?

Strike Arena is a state-of-the-art team game, where the aim of the game is to score the most points within a time frame, not to turn off all the pods in your colour. Standing in the way of your coloured pods is a vast array of obstacles and apparatus designed to test your skill, speed and strength – the team that gets all their coloured pods is crowned the winner!

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